Tennessee Voices For Victims (TVFV) began out of a collaboration between Verna Wyatt, Sara Kemp, and Valerie Craig, who have decades of experience working on behalf of victims of crime in Tennessee. Currently, there is no central agency that links victims of crimes together across the state. TVFV will work to create a statewide network of crime survivors with the goal of HEALING:

  •  Helping victims to unite their voices to address common concerns within the system
  •  Educating victims about how to navigate the criminal justice system
  •  Allowing victims the opportunity to give voice to their victimization by participating in a speakers bureau
  •  Linking victims to direct service providers within their geographic area
  •  Igniting victims to feel empowered to become advocates at the grassroots level
  •  Networking opportunities to reduce the natural isolation brought on by victimization
  •  Giving victims assistance and support as they create a new normal for their life after victimization