The right information is empowering

Education about crimes such as the emotional/physical/sexual abuse of children, human sex trafficking, sexual assault, Internet dangers, gang violence, drugs, homicide, elder abuse, and domestic violence need to be shared with our communities throughout the State. Victims need this information so they can rebuild their lives and bystanders, such as school personnel and worship leaders, need this information so they can respond appropriately to victims of crime in their care.

Our school presentations have been completed for the year, but we are already focusing on the fall. We find these presentations to be some of our most timely and important work. Here is some feedback from some of the students, teachers, and parents from this year:

“I learned a lot of new stuff about the topic. I like how you guys didn’t sugarcoat it.”

“You have to be careful with your decisions and really think before you act.”

“I learned that I need to keep my clothes on because there can be severe consequences for your actions.”

“One choice can change your whole life.”

“All high school students should hear this presentation.”

“This is one of the most important presentations my child could have heard today.

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