Join us in our #RememberMovement


A word that speaks of memories we want to honor.

A word that speaks of things we do not want to forget.

Join us in our #RememberMovement.

Your purchase of this speciality license plate will encourage others to join you in remembering your loved one. Maybe they were taken from you too soon by homicide, cancer, suicide, or serving in the military.

Maybe your #RememberMovement isn’t about a person, but about an event such as 911, the Las Vegas shooting or one of the many injustices in this world – an event that no one should forget.

No matter what you want remembered, you and your circle of family and friends can join together by purchasing this license plate, and know that your purchase will make it possible for victims of crime to find their voice, reclaim their lives, and continue their healing journey.

Each plate is $37, which covers the printing of this special plate. After the first 1,000 are sold the plate will be printed and you will be notified by your county to pick it up. When you go to your county office, you will then pay the normal license plate fees and taxes. Though these plates are for Tennessee residents only, they may be purchased as a gift for someone who lives in Tennessee.

To make your purchase, please complete the form below. Questions? Please contact