Speaker’s Bureau

Tennessee Voices For Victims will collect and manage an active list of survivors of crime from across the State that agencies, the media, prisons and jails, and the legislature can inquire about.  The list is not comprised of “victims” — but “survivors”, who are at a place in their healing where they are ready to take control of, and share the dark event that invaded their life.  They are ready to take something horrible that happened to them, that they were not able to control at the time, and make something positive come from that darkness.  People on the Speakers Bureau are willing to share their personal story of victimization and survival to help people understand the crime. The Speaker’s Bureau is made up of all different kinds of crime survivors – domestic violence, stalking, rape, robbery, homicide, child abuse, child sexual abuse, etc. We want victims of crime to become “victors.” We also want to prevent crime, and to help identify victims so they can get the appropriate help they need in working through their victimization. What better expert is there about crime, than someone who has lived through a victimization to tell their story?

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